Wait, what's VIBAL?

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  • 5

    Your Vibal tea tastes amazing!!!! You have my support ! I love the texture, flavor, it's so clean and tastes so crisp!! The flavor balance is incredible, and it sits well inside! It's absolutely delicious!

    Travis S.

  • 5

    I love them so much i'm not a fan of carbonation so having a tea pick me up is perfect!!


  • 5

    It was surprisingly good for having no artificial sweeteners! I thought teas with a sweet flavor needed some form of artificial flavoring but apparently not Vibal. Also the caffeine is no joke, I feel alert active and energized without any sluggish feeling inside.


  • 5

    The lemonade taste awesome.

    David V.

  • 5

    Really good! Both flavors were delicious. Super refreshing and I did feel really sharp afterwards.

    Katie S.

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