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VIBAL ENERGY TEA is the perfect all-day pick-me-up!! Our energy tea drinks are all made with a light green tea base, then we give it a BALANCED boost with:

- High Caffeine from Natural Coffee Extract 

- L-Theanine Aminos

- REAL Korean Panax Ginseng 

-L-Tyrosine Aminos

Lemonade: Starting with our delicious light green tea base, then infused with REAL Santa Cruz organic lemon juice for a super refreshing twist on a summer time classic.  For this flavor we top it off with just a sprinkle of organic cane sugar (as opposed to honey like the others); this helps give it that authentic yet perfect balance of sweet and sour you would expect in a refreshing iced tea lemonade (without all the sugar!). Now you can enjoy the summer VIBES all year long with our new lemonade iced energy tea!


Boost Your Vibes™ with VIBAL® !!!


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