Tropical Punch

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Our energy tea drinks are all made with a light green tea base, then we give it a BALANCED boost  with:

- High Caffeine from Natural Coffee Extract 

- L-Theanine Aminos

- REAL Korean Panax Ginseng 

-L-Tyrosine Aminos

Starting with our delicious light green tea base, then infused with REAL organic tropical juices from pineapple, mango, and passionfruit for one of the most refreshing energy drink ever made. It's the perfect balance of fresh tropical fruits and a hint of tea, just lightly sweet. This flavor has NO ADDED SUGARS as all of the sugars are just coming from the actual fruit juices.  *Note: this is our first of a series of limited edition flavors and is only available while supplies last.

 Boost Your Vibes™ with VIBAL® !!!

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